The Women's and Men's SUB lists

Adele and Dave Strawn are maintaining a women's and men's sub lists for the CSVA league. The women's list is for all divisions, and the men's list is for only Divisions 1, 2, and 3. During each league session (e.g., fall league), a sub may play with more than one team and may play with a given team up to 3 times without being listed officially on the team's roster. If a sub plays with a team 4 times during a session, he/she must be added to the team's roster and thereafter can no longer sub for another team.

If your team would like to use a sub from the list, please contact Adele ahead of time (303-263-1691, so that she can keep track of the subs' participation.

Female Players who would like to be included on the sub list should send the following information to Adele: name, mailing address, home phone no., cell phone no., email address, and date of birth.

The Women's SUB list procedure

Here is the proper procedure to arrange for a female sub, to be used by all Team Reps in all divisions, as per the recent rule change.
  1. Contact Adele Strawn at or call 303-263-1691 and ask for a sub. Give the date, place and time of the match and your team’s Division.
  2. Adele will contact the subs and will attempt to find one that is available and then she will notify you and the sub with contact information.
  3. Notify Adele each time that you need a sub. You can request the same sub but you can only use the same sub for three matches during the current season. If you do not notify Adele and use one of the subs from the sub list, then you have an ineligible player and your games may be forfeited.
If you have any questions, please see the CSVA League Rules and Policies under Rules Specific to Subs.
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