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CSVA Announcements - 2019

11/19/18 New protocols for using the CSVA sub list and for adding or deleting team members is now online.VIEW
11/19/18 The Minutes of the November 15th, 2018 Team Rep Meeting is now online.VIEW
12/01/18 An updated CSVA 2019 Calendar is now online.VIEW
12/01/18 The Fall 2018 Reinman Tournament results are now online.VIEW
12/10/18 The schedules for Winter 2019 are now online.VIEW
01/14/19 The agenda for the February 7, 2019 is now online.VIEW
01/14/19 An update to the Guidelines for Team Reps is now online.VIEW
01/14/19 The registration form for the March 20, 2019 Draw Tournament is now online.VIEW

The announcements were last modified on 01/14/19

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