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CSVA Announcements - 2018

05/25/18 An announcement about the Rocky Mountain Senior Games volleyball tournament is online.VIEW
06/03/18 The Registration for the Fall 2018 Season is Now OpenVIEW
06/13/18 The Agenda for the July 26th CSVA Board and Team Rep Meeting is now online.VIEW
06/13/18 The Entry Form for the August 15th Draw Tournament is now online.VIEW
06/17/18 The Entry Form for the September 21st Scorer Clinic is now online.VIEW
06/17/18 An announcement about the Eagle Point Recreation Center at Commerce City is online.VIEW
07/14/18 The Financial Results from the July 26th, 2018 Meeting is now onlineVIEW

The announcements were last modified on 07/14/18

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