New Team Information

If you are interested in forming a new team, please contact the Liaison for New CSVA Teams, Carrie Fehringer. Her email is and her phone number is 970-350-9438.

More information is planned to be added here, as this is a work-in-progress.

Important Point: CSVA League play is always during the day!

If you wish to join a team or create a new team, you must understand that all league games are typically played from noon until 3pm. If you are working fulltime, you must be able to get time off to participate.

Information on Joining an Existing Team

The CSVA doesn't assign players to teams, rather teams form themselves and then join CSVA. There are two approaches you can take:

1) Contact the captains of teams in CSVA who are near you. At present this site doesn't have a composite list of all teams and captains, rather each division has a schedule (PDF) with that information for the division. Most team captains will probably offer suggestions about the teams currently looking for players.

2) Contact your local recreation center about open volleyball. Here is a partial list of sites with open senior play. If you are interested in playing at Commerce City, contact Fran Zelinkoff at or 303-757-8902 and she can arrange a "free trial".

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