CSVA Women's and Men's SUB lists -- All Divisions

Purpose: The CSVA Sub List was created for use in an emergency to help a team that would otherwise have to forfeit or to play a match with fewer than 6 players. A team that has 5-1/2 players (e.g., one player who cannot play front row) may use the CSVA Sub List.

CSVA Board Member Carla Shover maintains the following list of CSVA Subs who are not on any team roster. These individuals have indicated the divisions they prefer.

A player from the CSVA Sub List may NOT play in more than two (2) league matches for the same team during a session. If a team wishes to use this same player for a third match, the Team Rep must request that Fran Zelinkoff add that player to their roster as a permanent player for the remainder of the current league session.

A player from the CSVA Sub List may NOT play for more than one league team each Wednesday or for more than one team during the Reinman End-of-League Tournament.

Sub Procedure

If you have any questions, please see the CSVA League Rules and Policies under Rules Specific to Subs.

  1. The Team Rep should call the proposed substitute stating his/her name, the team name, division in which the team plays, date the sub is needed, site information, and the match starting time. Be sure you have a legally-numbered uniform shirt for your sub to wear.

  2. Each time a team uses one of the subs listed below, the Team Rep should notify Carla Shover (shovers@yahoo.com or phone 303-908-4743) so she may keep track of sub usage.

  3. If you invite a player from the CSVA Sub List to play with your team, that sub must be used even if other rostered players show up unexpectedly, and the sub must be on the court 100% of the time in all three sets.

  4. If you have questions, please see the CSVA Rules and Policies Sheet under "Rules Specific to Divisions 1 thru 4," and General Rule 8c for Divisions 5 thru 8.

  5. If you would like to be included on the CSVA Sub List, please email, phone or text the following information to Carla Shover (shovers@yahoo.com or 303-908-4743): name, mailing address, email address, phone (indicate if Cell and if texting is available), and the divisions in which you prefer to play.
WOMEN Preferred
Angelica Bonet 720-472-1005(C) 1-4
Dary Cedillo 303-921-7862 4-6
Lee Dragon 720-272-1580 7-8
Viola Duran 303-859-8979 1-3
Christina Grant (Northern Colorado) 970-443-9642 (c) 3-6
Marsha Havengar 303-434-6652 3-5
Susan Hudson 720-982-3748 (c) 1-4
Sue Irwin 720-323-8830 4-8
Kim Kaynor 720-232-3230 1-2
Susan Law (Northern Colorado) 970-215-8467 1-4
Ivy Liu (Colorado Springs Only) 719-339-9535 1-3
Diane Minnick 720-220-6261 3-5
Dian Molina 970-218-6156 3-5
Maureen Moore (Greeley Only) 970-371-6697 3-7
Petra Naeff 720-470-2522 2-5
Kelly Nichols (Longmont area only) 720-480-9296 1-5
Terrie Novak (setter) 303-601-4699 2-6
Inga Otte 303-829-0828 1-3
Joyce Ovens 254-258-1450 (c) 6?, 7-8
Millie Patterson 303-564-6301 5-7
Grace Porritt 303-817-1959 4
Ellen Sandoval (Metro Denver) 303-253-5944 1-4
Elaine Schroeder (Greeley only) 970-481-4757 3-4
Eva Smith 303-710-1411 ?
Marcia Smith 303-489-1467 4-8
Chaz Stacy 303-525-0471 5-7
Adele Strawn 303-263-1691 1-4
Dori Workman (Greeley Only) 970-302-9407 4-7
Terri Wright (Northern Colorado) 970-231-2432 3-5
Dave Beckwith 303-736-9988 5-7
David Blanchard 720-771-6517 5-8
Rich Bonato 303-934-9384 5-8
John Brainerd (Denver/Lakewood areas) 303-778-9114 4-6
Bob Buchholz 970-619-0859 txt 1-5
George Choy 720-345-8597 4-6
Bob Dellapina 303-776-9021 4-6
Ted Gotwals 303-419-5777 1-2
James Harms (Not Greeley or Colorado Springs) 303-523-1927 1-3
Dave Hermes 303-421-2052 2-7
Warren Hughes 720-530-6389 4-6
Steven Kalmon 720-841-5694 5-8
Danny Kerlin 720-333-2419 5-7
Ric Moss (at Commerce City only) 303-815-0396 2-4
Jerry Nix 970-371-7983 4-8
Tom Noland 303-489-2485 5-7
Dick Ovens 720-685-7755 7-8
Jeff Oxenford 720-353-4242 2-4
Steve Regan 720-557-1879 1-2
Alyn Rockwood 720 666-1728 3-4
Jose Salazar 303-526-9382 2-4
Darin Williams 303-396-4408 3-6

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