CSVA Women's and Men's SUB lists -- All Divisions

CSVA Board Member P.J. Ricker maintains the following list of subs who are not on any team roster and who may be used only for any division teams. There currently is no restriction on how many times a sub may play with the same team during a session.

WOMEN'S Preferred
Viola Duran 303-859-8979 1-3
Julie Graeter (northern teams) 970-692-4893 1-4
T.J. Hayden 720-201-0910 1-4
Millie Patterson 303-564-6301 3-5
Grace Porritt 303-817-1959 3-4
Linda Ruff 303-947-1747 4-6
Elaine Schroeder (Greeley only) 970-481-4757 3-4
Adele Strawn 303-263-1691 1-4
LeeAnne Unrein (Greeley only) 970-324-7115 3-4
Dora Velasquez 303-523-7405 1-4
Jerry Batisch 303-694-1303 5-8
Rich Bonato 303-934-9384 5-8
Dean Carlson 720-277-5952 1-2
Cory Carlson (Greeley Only) 970-768-2700 2-5
Dave Dewey (Evergreen Only) 303-670-8957 5-8
Dave Hermes 303-421-2052 2-7
Stevan Kalmon 720-841-5894 5-8
Mark Stang 720-530-4685 3-4
Rich Thibodeau 720-838-8106 1-4
Preston Young 720-341-9844 3-5
Terry Willis 303-809-8454 2-4

Sub Procedure

  1. The Team Rep should call the sub stating his/her name, the team name, division in which the team plays, date the sub is needed, site information, and the match starting time. Be sure you have a legally-numbered uniform shirt for your sub to wear.

  2. Each time a team uses one of the subs listed above, the Team Rep should notify P.J. Ricker (pjbuddy43@gmail.com or 303-513-9624) so she may keep track of sub usage.

  3. If you invite a sub to play with your team and then decide that a sub is not needed, you should NOT send the sub home. You should consider the sub as part of your team for the ENTIRE MATCH that day. The sub should not sit out.

    The change now allows the individuals who are willing to be substitutes to specify what divisions they are willing to play. This is now specified in the above table as 'Preferred Divisions'.

If you have questions, please see the CSVA Rules and Policies Sheet under "Rules Specific to Divisions 1 thru 4," and General Rule 8c for Divisions 5 thru 8.

If you know of a player who would like to be included on the sub list, please email or phone the following information to P.J. Ricker (pjbuddy43@gmail.com or 303-513-9624): sub's name, mailing address, home phone, cell phone, email address, and date of birth.

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