CSVA Women's and Men's SUB lists -- All Divisions

Purpose: The CSVA Sub List was created for use in an emergency to help a team that would otherwise have to forfeit or to play a match with fewer than 6 players. A team that has 5-1/2 players (e.g., one player who cannot play front row) may use the CSVA Sub List.

CSVA Board Member Carla Shover maintains the following list of CSVA Subs who are not on any team roster. These individuals have indicated the divisions they prefer.

A player from the CSVA Sub List may NOT play in more than two (2) league matches for the same team during a session. If a team wishes to use this same player for a third match, the Team Rep must add that player to their roster as a permanent player for the remainder of the current league session.

A player from the CSVA Sub List may NOT play for more than one league team each Wednesday or for more than one team during the Reinman End-of-League Tournament.

Sub Procedure

If you have any questions, please see the CSVA League Rules and Policies under Rules Specific to Subs.

  1. The Team Rep should call the proposed substitute stating his/her name, the team name, division in which the team plays, date the sub is needed, site information, and the match starting time. Be sure you have a legally-numbered uniform shirt for your sub to wear.

  2. Each time a team uses one of the subs listed below, the Team Rep should notify Carla Shover (shovers@yahoo.com or phone 303-908-4743) so she may keep track of sub usage.

  3. If you invite a player from the CSVA Sub List to play with your team, that sub must be used even if other rostered players show up unexpectedly, and the sub must be on the court 100% of the time in all three sets.

  4. If you have questions, please see General Rule 9 in the CSVA Rules and Policies Sheet.

  5. If you have questions about this Sub List, contact Carla Shover at shovers@yahoo.com or by phone at 303-908-4743.

  6. If you would like to be included on the CSVA Sub List, please proceed by clicking on the button below.


Player NamePhone NumberDivPosition and/or Location Preference
  Hender Adams   303-669-8276 4-5   No Greeley
  Annette Bair   717-919-9724 4-5  
  Megan Bennett   720-373-2912 4-8   Setter defense No Evergreen or CO Springs
  Angelica Bonet   720-472-1005 -   Whatever
  Sheree Brock   720-480-6810 1-4   Libero or setter
  Dary Cedillo   303-921-7862 4-6  
  Helena DeHerrera   720-404-6012 2-5   Setter
  Viola Duran   303-859-8979 1-3  
  Kelly Fields   303-548-7358 2-4   Any
  Bea Green   303-726-4276 4-8   Evergreen only
  Tina Hagen   970-978-6420 1-3   OH
  Mary Harteker   303-966-788 5-7   Setter or outside hitter Thornton Colorado
  Susan Hudson   720-982-3748 1-4  
  Tracy Hudson   303-475-6797 4-1   any position / South/ Castle rock/Centennial/ Highlands Ranch
  Sue Irwin   720-323-8830 4-8  
  Lisa Johnson   303-847-9880 1-3   OH or MH
  Michelle Kinkead   303-437-6488 1-3  
  Ivy Liu   719-339-9535 2-4   Colorado Springs Only
  Lisa McKim   970-290-7225 1-3   Loveland
  Dian Molina   970-218-6156 3-5  
  Maureen Moore   970-371-6697 3-7   Greeley Only
  Lisa O'Neal   734-845-1763 4-5   Lakewood
  Inga Otte   303-829-0828 1-3  
  Tori Packard   720-236-7744 1-2  
  Ellen Sandoval   303-253-5944 1-4   Metro Denver
  Maria Sandoval   720-481-7398 3-5   Anywhere in Denver Metro
  Elaine Schroeder   970-481-4757 3-8   Greeley only Needs 1 wk notice
  KJ Sokol   303-489-7474 1-2   Pin
  Chaz Stacey   303-524-0471 1-4   No Colo Springs or Greeley
  Adele Strawn   303-263-1691 1-4   Denver Metro only
  Rose Suprenaut   303-877-5636 3-6   Denver area only
  Carolyn Westfall   303-827-8015 4-6   Metro Denver No Springs
  Dori Workman   970-302-9407 4-7   Greeley Only
Player NamePhone NumberDivPosition and/or Location Preference
  Michael Barnes   303-916-0979 3-4   Denver Metro area only
  David Benson   303-278-8427 5-7   Setter
  Jim Boehlke   719-210-2365 1-5  
  Rich Bonato   303-934-9384 5-8  
  John Brainerd   303-778-9114 4-8   Denver Lakewood areas
  Bob Buchholz   970-619-0859 1-4   Perfer Northern CO
  Matt Burrell   303-949-4260 1-2   Denver Colo Springs
  Steve Caulk   720-839-3194 3-5   willing to travel anywhere outside Denver area if somebody else drives
  George Choy   720-345-8597 4-6  
  Bob Dellapina   303-776-9021 4-6  
  James Duncan   303-210-5907 1-3   Boulder, North Denver, Longmont
  JC Engdahl   303-829-9125 1-3  
  Mike Fowler   970-270-6999 1-3   No Colo Springs
  Ajita Hockenbary   808-457-9660 1-4   No Colorado Springs
  Paul Hofmann   720-308-3784 2-3  
  John Hupp   303-972-4346 5-7  
  Stevan Kalmon   720-841-5894 4-6   Anywhere is fine
  Kelly McKee   720-629-1185 2-4   Erie Lafayette Boulder Longmont
  Tim Miller   303-345-8980 4-5   Middle
  Jerry Nix   970-371-7983 4-8  
  Dale Noland   303-704-7902 1-3   No Colorado Springs
  Dick Ovens   720-685-7755 7-8  
  Steve Regan   720-557-3779 1-3   30 minutes from lookout mountain
Player NamePhone NumberDivPosition and/or Location Preference
Player NamePhone NumberDivPosition and/or Location Preference
  Anthony Satriano   303-204-0842 2-3   decent at all positions
  Craig Spencer   720-323-1859 2-3  
  Michael Walker   719-338-0347 1-2   Colorado Springs
  Christopher Williamson   303-351-2216 1-4   Denver Metro can probably travel too
  Brian Wood   719-650-9587 1-3   Colorado Springs and Denver
  Mark Yankelevsky   720-839-6466 4-8   Lafayette Longmont Boulder



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